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If you are a payer of child support, for the alleged non-payment of child support:

  • Your driver's license can be suspended!
  • Your car, house, and other assets can be seized without due process!
  • You can be declared a felon!
  • You can be jailed!
  • You can be put on parole and forced to pay for your own supervision!

The Keyword here is: alleged. You may never have missed one single payment. The purpose of these mean hearted penalties is fund raising for financially weak state governments.

Then for good measure they go for a denial of child visitation. This is usually advised by their attorneys to be used as a bargaining chip in future court requests for more money.

Your wife that you loved and busted your tail for will now tell the court all sorts of outlandish lies about you. If you ask her about this she will say something like "We both know you never did this stuff but my lawyer says I have to say it as a legal formality." If you believe this, you really need to change your way of thinking about this stuff.

Divorce is economic warfare! Your soon to be "EX" knows all your hot bottons and how to hit them.


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